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Anal Sex Positions: An Illustrated Guide

The Spoon

Spooning isn’t just for cuddling; it’s also the perfect beginner’s position for anal sex!

The Spoon is a loving, gentle position that can help take the anxiety out of having anal sex for the first time.


To do the Spoon, she lies down comfortably on her side and bends her upper leg at the knee. You lie down behind her and place your upper leg alongside the back of hers.

The Spoon is a great position for vaginal sex; many couples choose to have vaginal sex first, before moving onto anal sex.

When you feel ready to take things further, fully lubricate your penis and start to gently penetrate her anus from behind. You can reach around to gently stimulate her clitoris.

A gentle rocking motion will help keep the penetration light while your woman adjusts and relaxes to the rhythm of your thrusts.


  • This is an incredibly soft, gentle and relaxing position that will make anal sex as pleasurable as possible.
  • If your woman is at all anxious about being penetrated anally, this position gives her good control over the depth and pace of penetration. She can reach back at any point and control the direction and movement by placing her hand on your hips.
  • This position is AWESOME for strong clitoral stimulation. The combination of clitoral pleasure with anal stimulation may even make her SQUIRT with pleasure!


  • This position limits your ability to thrust too deeply. However, the tightness of the anus means you’ll easily climax in this position no matter what!
  • Although this is a gentle and loving position, it lacks the face-to-face intimacy that many women crave.

The Hero

For couples who crave a face-to-face position, the Hero is perfect. This missionary variation is one of the BEST beginner anal sex positions to try!

Here’s how it’s done:


Begin by placing a pillow or sex cushion under her buttocks while she lies on the bed. She extends her arms along her body and you kneel between her legs.

Gently raise one of her legs and hold her thigh or ankle. Reach down and use your well-lubricated penis to gentle penetrates her anus with your shaft.


  • This missionary variation is simple to do and extremely comfortable for couples who are experimenting with anal sex for the first time.
  • This loving position is great for face-to-face contact!
  • Stroking and caressing her erogenous zones like her inner thigh, stomach, breasts and the soles of her feet is EASY while in the Hero
  • Using your free hand, you can easily stimulate her clitoris or finger her to tease and excite her G Spot!
  • She can use her hands on your hips to control the depth of your thrusts.


  • The range of thrusting motion is limited in this position as you are quite low down, almost sitting on your heels.

The Rider

You’re familiar with the Cowgirl position, but did you know that it’s also a great beginner anal sex position, too? First-time anal adventures need a position that offers plenty of control over the depth and pace of penetration. That’s why the Cowgirl variation known as the Rider is one of the best beginner anal sex positions to try!


As if doing the Cowgirl, you lie on the bed with your head supported by a pillow. 

She stands over you with her feet either side of your abdomen.

She squats down and gently lowers herself onto your erect shaft, using her hands on your chest for support.


  • This girl-on-top position is great for maintaining eye contact during sex.
  • Her erogenous zones such as her breasts, stomach, armpits, and clitoris are within easy reach for you to touch and caress during sex.
  • She has complete control over the depth and pace of penetration in this position; something she’s sure to appreciate!


  • Most women find this position less relaxing than the Spoon or the Rider. This makes it less likely that your woman is going to orgasm during sex. Try placing your hands under her butt to support her weight and make the position more comfortable.

The Ice Cream

Rear-entry anal sex is quite tricky for anal amateurs as you lose eye contact. This makes it difficult to read each other’s reactions and responses to pleasure or discomfort. The best position to begin experiment with rear-entry action is the Ice Cream.


You kneel down on the bed with your butt on your heels. 

She stands with her feet outside your knees while facing away.

She slowly lowers herself down and onto your erect shaft as you support and guide her hips. 

As your penis penetrates her anus, she can place her hands on your thighs to support her weight.

Once she feels comfortable with the sensation of having you inside her, she can rock back and forth or up and down until one or both of you climax.


  • This rear-entry anal sex position gives her good control over the depth and pace of penetration. She can use her hands to avoid sinking too deeply onto your penis.
  • The Ice Cream is PERFECT for stimulating her erogenous zones such as her breasts and clitoris during sex!
  • This is a great position to experiment with sex toys! A rabbit vibrator will give her INCREDIBLE vaginal, clitoral and G Spot stimulation. Combined with the anal penetration, this could give her a SQUIRTING orgasm!


  • This kneeling position can be uncomfortable for some guys, but with the excitement of anal sex, any discomfort can easily be ignored!

6. Intermediate anal sex positions

For couples with some anal sex experience, here are the best intermediate anal sex positions to try!

The best intermediate anal sex positions are:

  • The Backwards Cowgirl
  • The Sleeping Beauty
  • The Basset Hound
  • The Bulldog

The Backwards Cowgirl

As a slightly more demanding variation of the standard Cowgirl position, the Backwards Cowgirl is a FANTASTIC intermediate anal sex position to try!


Sit on the bed with your legs slightly apart and your back straight. 

Your woman kneels with her knees either side of your thighs and then shimmies backward.

She lowers herself down onto your erect, lubricated shaft, letting you penetrate her anally. 

By supporting her weight on your knees, she can stretch out forward and rock up and down or backward and forwards.


  • The Backwards Cowgirl is a superb rear-entry position that gives her plenty of control. She can turn her head half-back to see you and maintain great eye contact throughout.
  • You can easily fondle her breasts or reach around to stimulate her clitoris while in this position.


  • This position doesn’t offer much in the way of thrusting opportunities you. The depth and pace are firmly within her control throughout. You’ll still love it, though!

The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty is a doggie style variation that’s perfect for couples who have mastered the basics of anal sex and are ready to expand their sexual repertoire.


She lies face down on the bed with a small bolster pillow (or sex cushion) under her hips. 

You stand over her and assume the ‘lunge’ position with one foot near her hips and one near her feet.

You crouch down and support your upper body weight on your clenched fists. 

You gently enter her anally with your shaft and start slowly moving in and out.


  • The Sleeping Beauty is a good position to experiment with rear-entry as the ‘lunge’ position prevents you from thrusting too hard or too deeply.
  • This position gives you a HUGELY erotic view of the action!
  • The Sleeping Beauty is incredibly relaxing for her, taking all the pressure off her knees, elbows, and hands.


  • While this position offers easy anal access, it doesn’t give such a wide range of motion as other doggie-style positions.
  • There is no way for you to stimulate your woman’s clitoris in this position, although she can reach down and self-stimulate if she chooses!

The Basset Hound

This doggie style variation, known as the Basset Hound, is one of the best intermediate anal sex positions out there!


The Basset Hound is the classic doggie style position with a twist. She kneels on the bed with her hips in the air and supports her upper body on her hands with her head up.

You kneel behind your woman with your knees aside hers. Place your hands on her buttocks and hips for support and gently enter her with your lubricated shaft.


  • This position gives you an UNBELIEVABLY erotic view of her ass and back!
  • You have complete control over the depth and pace of the penetration in this position, a HUGE turn-on for most guys!
  • The Basset Hound is amazing for fondling her erogenous zones such as her thighs and the nape of her neck and lets you easily reach around to stimulate her clitoris.


  • Unless she reaches around to put her hands on your hips, this position doesn’t give her much control over the pace of the thrusting. It’s important to keep communicating when doing the Basset Hound so that you don’t thrust painfully deep.

The Bulldog

For those who like to thrust deep and hard, the Bulldog is THE position to try!


The Bulldog is a variation of the standard doggie position where the guy stands on the balls of his feet and crouches down over his woman.

She kneels on all fours and you straddle your woman’s hips. Crouch down and put your weight on one of your clenched fists.

Use your other hand to guide your lubricated penis into her ass. As you begin to move in and out, place your other hand down for extra support.


  • If you’ve tried doggie style and felt frustrated with thrusting in a kneeling position, you’ll LOVE the Bulldog! This crouching position is FAR more comfortable than doggie style and most guys find it MUCH easier to achieve orgasm.
  • The Bulldog is perfect for deep penetration and will make you both GROAN with pleasure!
  • If she twists her head to the side, you can passionately kiss each other. You can also kiss, nibble and lick the nape or back of her neck, which some women find incredibly arousing!
  • Want to show off? Try supporting your upper body weight on one hand and reaching round to stimulate her clitoris with the other. She’ll LOVE it!


  • The Bulldog puts the depth and pace of the thrusts firmly in the man’s court. Communication is essential to prevent pain and/or injury during this position.

7. Advanced anal sex positions

What’s hotter than anal sex? How about turning up the kink and taking things OUT of the bedroom? These advanced anal sex positions are some of the steamiest, kinkiest and trickiest positions to master!

If the other positions in our guide seem too VANILLA for your tastes, THIS is the section for you!

The best advanced anal sex positions are:

  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Intimate Launch Pad
  • The Downward Dog

The Eiffel Tower

The best thing about doing your lover while standing up is that you can do it anytime, anyplace; you don’t even need to get fully naked!

Standing anal can be tough to master, so here’s what to do:


Start by standing behind your woman with your groin near her butt. 

As she bends forward, position your legs to either side of her, to compensate for any height differences.

She bends down and touches the floor with her hands. If this is too much of a stretch, she can use a nearby chair.

You guide your shaft into her anus and place your hands on her hips as you thrust into her.


  • This position is great for a variety of venues including the bedroom, bathroom, living room and more!
  • The Eiffel Tower is ideal for experimenting with wrist restraints. You can hold her wrists by her waist, or even use some BDSM cuffs to hold her arms in position.
  • This position gives you an AMAZINGLY erotic view of your shaft entering your woman’s ass!


  • If there is a significant height difference between you and your partner, finding the right height can be difficult. If you’re much taller, trying spreading your legs out to get into a lower position.
  • Some women find bending forward and downward can be disorientating. Ask her to put her hands on a small stool, chair or even the bed if this is the case.
  • This position doesn’t give many options for erogenous or clitoral stimulation.

The Intimate Launch Pad

If you love DEEP anal penetration, this advanced butt sex position is a must-try!


Have your woman lie back on a bed and bring her knees up towards her shoulders. 

Help her wrap her arms around the inside of her legs and hold onto her ankles or feet.

You kneel down with your knees to either side of her butt. Support your weight by placing your hands on her thighs.

As you enter her anus with your shaft and start having anal sex, use your hands for guidance and support.


  • This position is AWESOME for anal veterans as it offers full entry while leaving both of your hands-free to explore her clitoris and erogenous zones!
  • Inserting a couple of lubed up fingers (or a toy) into her vagina and using a ‘come-hither’ motion will have her SCREAMING for more! The triple-whammy of vaginal, clitoral and G-spot stimulation in conjunction with anal sex can make some women EJACULATE with pleasure!


  • Not everyone is flexible enough to try this position. However, by placing a pillow under your woman’s butt, you can lift her up into a more comfortable position.

The Downward Dog

Is regular doggie too plain for your tastes? What better way to spice things up than with a kinky, head-in-the-pillow position? The Downward Dog is a dirty, rough doggie style variation that will have your woman GAGGING for more!


You start from a regular doggie style position with her on all fours. 

Kneel behind her with your legs inside hers and spread her knees apart.

Pull one of her hands behind her back and place your other hand on the nape of her neck. 

As you penetrate her anally, you can control the intensity of your thrusts by supporting her body with your hands.


  • This rough anal sex position is PERFECT for women who love to feel dominated! TheDownward Dog puts your woman completely at your mercy.
  • Restraint can be a huge turn-on for both women and men. You can use a pair of safe Velcro handcuffs to dial up the kink!


  • With both of your hands otherwise engaged, you can’t offer your woman any clitoral stimulation. It’s more of a ‘climax move’ that you can enjoy when you’re ready to come.

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