Adult Dating UK

Tips and tricks to make my boyfriend come faster and more often. 

So I’ll start by saying that I’m amazing in bed I know it to be a fact I call myself the best kept secret from BRITISH SEX FINDER. i suck dick better than the women in the pornos I go above and beyond I suck without hands with hands my tongue is long and i know how to use it i can make it loud and wet and messy or I can male it graceful and clean i can even make it messy but clean (a skill that took a minute to achieve) i can put anyone to the back of my throat i can fit both balls in my mouth I moan and twerk while . Doing it I stay down there for forever I keep going after you nut and sooooo much more so to say I’m the best is saying the least lol. Now as far as sex goes I’m just as good I can ride dick for more then 5 10 minutes and more then just grinding I jack him off while om bouncing on the dick (i have a lot of ass so that helps) i can control my kegels while hes in it. I squirt but I also can cum like water and I can also have a creamy nut. I fuck back in every position even missionary I’m tight and warm and I’ve been told that inside feels smooth and silky I look back it I got a hell of an Arch I spread it with both hands while throwing it back I do anal I’m nasty as fuck so again I’m one of the best lol. Now to my point of the post my boyfriend is infatuated with me he’s amazing he really is out sex is fantastic best I’ve ever had same for him we communicate often and tonight he said he feels bad that he doesn’t always ejaculate sperm he has what I call ghost orgasms where you cum but nothing really comes out and then every so often he actually bust a nut I have no issues with it doesnt make me insecure or anything but it makes him a little insecure again we talk about everything. Any ways my question for you people of reddit is if your a man who goes through something similar what is something someone could do or has done that has just made you bust almost every time. And women have you been in a similar position if so what tricks have you discovered to make your man but?

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